Review of Ab Wave Machine

Have you heard of the Ab Wave System? The infomercials are hard to ignore. I thought it looked like an awesome way to work your abs and obliques. Making little changes can really help you be healthy and what is easier than watching my favorite TV show and working out my core? I have honestly tried to workout while I watch TV in my living room but short of putting a treadmill smack dab in the middle of the room what am I supposed to do? I am training for the Vancouver, BC half marathon so getting in shape is at the top of my priority list (you can register for the marathon by calling 416-944-2765).

In case you haven’t seen the outrageous infomercial, here it is (almost 30 minutes long!)

The idea behind this abdominal exercise program is that it works your core by forcing you to glide in a motion that works your abs. Unlike doing crunches where you can lose form and injure your neck, the Ab Wave has rails that the seat glides on. That means you can’t mess up the basic form because the rails are forcing your seat (and abs) to move in the right way. When you order an Ab Wave you don’t just get the machine; you also get the a meal plan (read my Wave Goodbye Nutritional Plan review too!) and three workout DVDs. If you upgrade to the deluxe package you also receive the fast track computer and the Total Body Toning resistance bands and DVD.

Ab wave products

I decided to do some research. There is surprisingly little info on the web (since it is only sold in Australia, New Zealand and Canada right now) but I did find the Ab Wave website with a page on testimonials. The group of people who did the study (some of who are featured on the Ab Wave website) used the program for 8-12 weeks and lost A LOT of weight…like enough fat to fill a 1-gallon jug. That’s gross, but I would prefer my fat in a jug than around my waist in a muffin top. In 8 weeks the average participant lost almost 11 pounds. After the full 12 weeks they lost an average of 17.06 pounds.

I think its important to point out that there is a meal plan that goes along with the Ab Wave system. The food looks pretty yummy though. What I like about the plan is that they aren’t selling you a bunch of little freeze-dried meals that you are forced to eat three times a day. They just provide a book of approved recipes. Basically you can eat as much as you want of the approved meals. Sticking with nasty meal plans is hard and I think that is why so many people “fall off the wagon.” With real food that tastes good from the Ab Wave nutritional plan it seems like sticking to your goals would be easier.